Wooden Hotel Hanger with Non Slip Trouser Bar and Security Chrome Hook 

Item No:KRW1065
Product Description
SECURITY HANGER – These hangers come with a metal security ring and anti-theft attachment, ideal for hotels, restaurants and retail stores.
NON-SLIP TROUSER BAR – The sturdy trouser bar allows you to hang trousers or jeans in addition to garments such as shirts, jumpers and jackets, with tiny rubber teeth to prevent them from slipping off.
SHOULDER NOTCHES – The shoulder notches provide a simple and convenient way of hanging skirts and dresses.
REAL WOOD HANGER – Made with 100% Lotus wood, the high-quality hangers are hard-wearing, yet lightweight and are ideal for commercial or home use.
NATURAL FINISH – The natural varnish provides an attractive finish and makes them smooth and extremely durable.

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