Modern Heavy Duty Plastic Coat Hanger , Plastic Suit Hanger

Item No: KP003
Size: 44.5*1.2cm
Material: ABS/PP/PC
Product Description
Newly-designed, exclusive wood-free (plastic) suit hangers combines the elegance and look of a wooden hanger without the disadvantages of color-fading, roughness, splintering, damages.
plastic made of high quality, thick-grade 1 piece body plastic designed to last the color for a lifetime, never snags cloth on it .
break-proof, it will last years to come. efficiently hang winter coats, suits, and jackets with ease.
Grooved, non-slip horizontal bar keeps pants, jeans, skirts, from falling off the non slip hanger and reduces creases.
2 precisely cut notches keeps camisole shirts, tank tops, and spaghetti strap dresses neatly in place on the hanger.
Retain the clothing’s original shape and prevent damaging shoulder bumps thanks to the hanger’s contoured shoulder; 360 degree swivel hook on allows access to garments from any angle.
Save space with the wooden-free hanger’s flat, slim body which takes up less room than standard, bulky plastic suit hangers.

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