Dual Folding Clothes Hangers, Plastic with Anti-Slip Grooves

Item No: KP022
Size: 44.5*12.7
Material: ABS/PP/wheat strew
Product Description
Dual folding hangers for better innovation, better life. Ideal for travel and home use; a good gift for traveling people. The folding design for saving space when they are not used makes it small and portable, so you can use it in a hotel, restaurant and so on. Special anti-slip grooves.
5 x hangers in 1 box with random assorted colors.
Durable and light weight hangers, easy to use and put away.
Ideal for travel and home use; a great gift for those who travel often.
Fold once, you can use it for your baby’s clothes; fold twice, then it will be small and take only a little space
Folding size (L x W):13.5*7.5; unfolding size: 44.5*12.5cm

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